Japanese Fabric and Food 2018 cancelled

Sadly we did not get enough participants sign up in time for this trip to go ahead.

In 2015 I was lucky enough to travel with an amazing group of Textiles Technology teachers as we visited major tourist sights and learnt so much about Japanese textiles, staying in an old farmhouse nestled in a mountain village west of Tokyo. Here are some pictures from the Textiles trip in 2015.


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Some of those teachers want to do it again. Here are some words from participants from the last trip:

I just want to share with you my wonderful experience about a study tour to Japan with Leanne in 2015. At the beginning, I wanted to join this tour but was hesitant to pay a large amount of money to travel with someone, I had never met. It turned out to be one of the most memorable trips that I have done in the past thirty-seven years. What made this trip special was, apart from the famous places in Japan, we did many hands on activities and went to many specialty shops that ordinary tourists may not know about. The stay in the artisan village in Fujino was amazing. I was in awe when we visited an eighth generation katazome dyeing master, using 40 – 50 year old stencils and dipped them in hundred-year old dye vats. The textiles visits and hands-on activities were so interesting. The visit and stories shared by a potterer gave me deeper appreciation about true artistic pottering. The food that we had was prepared with tremendous skills and passion.

It’s difficult to paint a picture of our trip because it was made up of so many great things. Just like the conversations that I had with other group members who enjoyed the trip immensely. I think that it was the things that we did together, the people we met and what we had learned that made the trip special. The best thing about the trip is having Leanne. She was a “leader who eats last” and looked after everyone throughout the whole trip. The upcoming study tour in 2018 is something that I’m definitely looking forward to.

-Ha Doan, Secondary TAS teacher

I am very happy to recommend the trip to Japan that is being organised by Leanne Smith. I went on the last trip she organised and it was an absolutely wonderful and well organised trip. I was a first time overseas traveller when I went on the last trip and her pre-information leading up to leaving was exceptionally helpful. She organised a great variety of activities for us in Japan and the last weekend in the mountains outside Tokyo with Bryan was a highlight of the trip.

-Cathy Conyngham, Woodenbong Central School

Calling any Textiles and Food Technology teachers in NSW interested in travelling to Japan to study sericulture, traditional dyeing and weaving methods and regional cuisine! This study tour has been linked to outcomes in the NSW syllabus. This time we will explore Japanese cuisine too. If you are a Textiles and/ or Food Technology teacher in a NSW high school and want to know more about the trip, please contact me, letting me know your email and at which high school you are teaching. Closing date for applications is Friday 23 June 2017.