Get set for listening and speaking

Do you still use a tape recorder or cd player for your listening and speaking tasks? By using Audacity®, you can free yourself of the burden of carrying those items around, as well as all the time wasted looking for the right spot!

A new listening/speaking workshop from!

Imagine your whole class completing speaking items at the same time. Imagine the right listening item, saved with the questions and starting at the click of a button. Imagine being able to easily create listening examinations, adapting the speed to a pace that suits your students abilities.

Audacity workshop announced

Get set for listening and speaking!

That’s right, in this workshop you will learn to:

  • record “interactive” speaking tasks
  • create listening items
  • convert all of those old tapes gathering dust in your storeroom
  • save and organise all of your files in iTunes
  • embed files directly in your PowerPoint presentations or IWB notebooks.


As a school holiday special you can enrol now for the special discounted price of only $169.40.

Workshop cost is usually $220 – a saving of $50.60.

See some innovative listening ideas that have used Audacity® as a base for creating the sound file.


How to successfully teach Languages via video conference

More and more, schools are harnessing the power of technology to provide their students with Language learning opportunities, that would have been otherwise impossible. Schools are connecting classes to run elective classes that have too few numbers to run independently, or to share the expertise of a Language teacher with other schools that do not have a qualified teacher for a particular language, as well as connecting their students with overseas students.

 Teaching Languages via video conference is most successful when:
* The teachers are highly adept at operating the equipment
* The delivering teacher is well presented, vibrant and energetic
* The delivering teacher has developed a rapport with the students and receiving teacher
* The receiving teacher participates enthusiastically – engagement is contagious!
* The lesson materials are of the highest intellectual quality – visually stimulating and sufficiently challenging
* The lesson includes a variety of activities emphasising student participation
* The lessons are followed up with consolidation lessons in the classroom and learning activities, that students complete independently.

NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre has released a professional learning resource to support schools considering a blended learning program:

Putting a teacher in front of a camera and linking to a class is not enough. The best lessons are created by a team of consultants, directors, principals, teachers, parents and students working together. A committed team and investing time in professional learning and material development ensure success.

Do you teach via video conference? What do you think is essential for success? Leave a comment below.


VoiceThread is a website that allows you to upload images to start a conversation. You and others can add comments by phone, webcam, microphone, text, or file upload. You can choose whether to share the VoiceThread with just a few contacts, or make it public. It is best to choose sharing with contacts only, or to moderate all comments in an educational setting. You can even embed your VoiceThread in your own blog.


Kerpoof is a suite of online multimedia software to create original artwork, animated movies, stories, greeting cards and more. It is owned by the Walt Disney company and has a section dedicated for educators. Check out the teachers’ guide, provided lesson plans or dive straight in at
Scripted languages work in Make a movie and Make a picture but not in the other sections. However, you can use the pencil in Tell a story to draw the script and use the text box below to enter the meaning – a nice way for students to build their own kanji/hanzi reference book. You can also use script by using Create a doodle in Make a card to draw your message using the pen.