Happy New Year!

The popular Get Organised! workshop is now available online!


My greatest wish for your new year is you looking forward to a calm, prepared, organised start.

Think forward to term 4 2017, and imagine your registers are already complete and all of your grades, student profiles and report comments ready to go.

Now you can enjoy getting organised from the comfort of your home! Why not encourage a friend to enrol too and work on the materials together?

Enrol now – Workshop cost is $220 including GST.  Relax, learn at your own pace, while getting all your paperwork under control.


Hurry – Get Organised enrolments closing

Imagine starting the year organised. Look forward to the end of the year instead of dreading it, knowing that your grades and comments are automatically calculated for you, ready to go on reports. Dream of getting to the end of year knowing registration is already finished? How long do you spend throughout the year adding up marks, working out grades, thinking of comments, deciding student profile results, completing registration? Do you still use a daybook where you have to fill in which class you have each period for every day of the year? That adds up to hours of wasted time. In just six hours, the Get organised workshop will give you the tools and tips to get organised and stay on top of your student records throughout the year. Enrolments are closing Friday 18 January 2013 – make sure you don’t miss out. Enrol now!

Teachers get ready for 2013

Teachers get ready for 2013