Get set for listening and speaking

Do you still use a tape recorder or cd player for your listening and speaking tasks? By using Audacity®, you can free yourself of the burden of carrying those items around, as well as all the time wasted looking for the right spot!

A new listening/speaking workshop from!

Imagine your whole class completing speaking items at the same time. Imagine the right listening item, saved with the questions and starting at the click of a button. Imagine being able to easily create listening examinations, adapting the speed to a pace that suits your students abilities.

Audacity workshop announced

Get set for listening and speaking!

That’s right, in this workshop you will learn to:

  • record “interactive” speaking tasks
  • create listening items
  • convert all of those old tapes gathering dust in your storeroom
  • save and organise all of your files in iTunes
  • embed files directly in your PowerPoint presentations or IWB notebooks.


As a school holiday special you can enrol now for the special discounted price of only $169.40.

Workshop cost is usually $220 – a saving of $50.60.

See some innovative listening ideas that have used Audacity® as a base for creating the sound file.