Federal budget cuts invaluable Language teaching training

At a time when there is a heavy push by the Australian Government on universities to improve teacher quality at the teacher training level, it seems ludicrous that the new budget would slash a program that delivered a significant increase in teacher quality.

The Endeavour Language Teacher Fellowships provided teachers and pre-service teachers the opportunity to live in-country and attend intense language study sessions in the January school holidays.

For many teachers, this opportunity was their first ever trip to the country they do or will teach about, or the first opportunity to study in-country. The fellowships gave teachers the chance to significantly increase their skills and understanding, the benefits of which flow on through their classrooms, to the students they teach.

With the release of Languages in the Australian Curriculum, we see a strong emphasis on the role and interdependence of language and culture. Intercultural understanding is one of the general capabilities, a key dimension across all areas of the Australian Curriculum. Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia is one of the three cross-curriculum priorities embedded in all learning areas. In-country experiences are the most effective way to develop the understanding necessary to effectively teach the Australian Curriculum to students, and to share professional learning with colleagues.

Has your teaching benefited from receiving one of the fellowships? Leave a comment below, then pop over to AFMLTA’s site to see what you can do to urge the Government to return funding to this worthwhile program.


ACARA Languages update

All Languages teachers should get ready to provide feedback on the draft curriculum Italian F-10 and the draft curriculum Chinese F-10 that are due to be released for consultation from December 2013. This is our opportunity to provide feedback on the issues of the design of Languages curriculum. Read more at: http://www.acara.edu.au/acara_update_06112012.html

ACARA Australian Curriculum: Languages update

ACARA has released the languages for which Australian Curriculum will be developed by the end of 2013. One language (can you guess which one?) will have all three learner pathways developed (background language learner, first language learner and second language learner). For the other languages listed, only one pathway will be developed by end of 2013 – either a background language learner or second language learner pathway.

Consultation on the draft F-10 curriculum for Chinese and Italian second language learner pathways will occurr from September 2012. Be sure to have your say – the future of language learning in Australia is in your hands.

You can read more at the ACARA website.