sit down with a nice cup of tea at your laptopGrab a cup of tea or other fine beverage, pull up a comfy chair and relax. The staffroom is a haven in which you can share with like minded individuals, swap stories, have some fun.

Have you participated in one of Leanne’s workshops? We have reserved a special lounge in the staffroom just for you. Look for the name of your workshop in the staffroom submenu, and enter using the password given to you on the day. Forgotten your password? No problems, contact Leanne giving your name and email and the details of the workshop you attended so your password can be reissued.

3 thoughts on “Staffroom

  1. I love that I have access to the staffroom after the workshop – it means I can refresh my memory and access everything other participants shared on the day. Thanks Leanne – true value and quality learning!

  2. Took advantage of the rainy Saturday to finally get all my classes and finalised timetable typed in for 2013.. this is going to be a huge help.. will start using the daybook next week instead of paper.. takes courage for me to abandon the paper one!

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