Woohoo! Free stuff?Woohoo!

Yes, please feel free to download and adapt for use with your students! Please acknowledge where the ‘stuff’ came from: If sharing online, leave a link in the comments so we can thank you for your efforts.

Telling which pets you own in Japanese

Quick example of turning your old PowerPoint resources into video to flip learning.

Learn to do this in the Online Content Workshop.


PowerPoint multiple choice quiz template

Click the image to download the template.

PowerPoint multiple choice quiz template

free template to create your own quizzes

Download, add audio for listening quizzes or text for reading quizzes. Change my images to your own. Don’t delete the images because you will break the hyperlinks that make the quiz function. Parts of these slides are in Japanese. You might need to move see through boxes out of the way to edit the text – make sure you put the see through boxes back again – they are hyperlinked to make the quiz function. 🙂

Would you like to spend a whole day creating useful, quality language learning resources? Leanne would love to work with you in person, one of these workshops would suit you:


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