About Leanne

leanneDoes Leanne have the necessary experience and skills to teach and advise me?

Leanne Smith has 27 years’ expertise teaching some German, some French and mostly Japanese language at Public and Catholic Secondary Schools and TAFE in New South Wales. She has lectured preservice teachers Languages Curriculum at University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, and most recently Western Sydney University. Leanne has worked as a National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program consultant for the NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre from January 2010 until December 2012, providing curriculum advice, technology training and support to regions creating flexible pathways for Language delivery.

Leanne has successfully inspired and upskilled hundreds of teachers through highly engaging conference presentations, hands on workshops and online training.

How can Leanne help me?

Specialising in delivering professional development in new syllabus support and using technology to teach Languages, Leanne’s friendly, easy-going and supportive manner ensures even the most ‘un tech-savvy’ leave her workshops feeling confident and well prepared to use technology in their classrooms.

“It is so easy for teachers to feel overwhelmed by technology. Technology is changing and increasing at an alarming rate. Teachers can struggle to find the time to get on top of it, or simply don’t know where to start. This is where I come in. I love exploring all the possibilities new technologies present us in teaching Languages and I love sharing what works with others.”

Is the training relevant and useful to me?

There are lots of technology training courses that teach you how to use the software, but then it’s up to you to work out what to do with it.

“When teachers come to my workshops I want them to have fun and learn, but it is important to me that teachers leave ready to employ their new skills in the classroom the next day.”

Leanne researches and trials new technologies to establish which ones work best for teaching Languages. Each workshop Leanne delivers is carefully planned to ensure teachers learn how to use the tools as an integrated part of their curriculum. It’s not just good technology training, but technology in the context of teaching and learning Languages.

Although the professional development opportunities are designed for Language teachers, they would also be beneficial for many other subject areas, such as Music, ESL and English. Leanne welcomes all into her courses.

What if I have questions?

To ensure that your professional development continues beyond the workshop, Leanne provides resources online.

“Want to ask about Language teaching the new syllabus, integrating technology, enquire about training or consulting? Please feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.”