NESA releases new language syllabuses for Arabic, Modern Greek, Turkish and Vietnamese

NESA has now released new syllabuses for the following languages:

If you teach these subjects, you will continue to use the current syllabus in 2019, but will use the new syllabus from 2020 as follows:

  • 2020 – implement for K-6 (for schools with languages programs), Year 7 and Year 9
  • 2021 –  implement for Year 8 and Year 10

Wondering where to start when rewriting your programs? Do you understand the opportunities the new syllabus presents for invigorating your teaching program? This one day workshop has been written for you. I am currently collecting expressions of interest to learn the best location to offer this workshop in 2019.

Participants leave the workshop:

  • familiar with the content for stage 4 2nd language learners in the new syllabuses
  • equipped with thinking tools to see how programs need to change
  • inspired with new ideas to give an authentic focus to units
  • and with a clear timeline for making changes.

Please contact Leanne if you are interested in attending this workshop in 2019.


See what previous participants have to say about the workshop:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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