Last chance to be inspired about rewriting programs for the new Language syllabuses!

Don’t miss out! Wondering where to start when rewriting your programs? Do you understand the opportunities the new syllabus presents for invigorating your teaching program? This one day workshop has been written for you. The last opportunity to attend this workshop is on November 7 2018. Enrolment has been extended until 31 October 2018.

Participants leave the workshop:

  • familiar with the content for stage 4 2nd language learners in the new syllabuses
  • equipped with thinking tools to see how programs need to change
  • inspired with new ideas to give an authentic focus to units
  • and with a clear timeline for making changes.

Enrolments for November 7 workshop are closing now – don’t miss out!


See what previous participants have to say about the workshop:

This workshop was excellent. We’ve learnt so much & feel much more confident about how to rewrite stage 4 Programs in light of the new syllabus. Leanne is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone who teaches languages! C.Dunston


Leanne’s workshop was very thorough as well as informative. We learnt not only what the new syllabus entitles, but how to integrate it in our program – Leanne is very knowledgeable and able to answer to all the questions you may have about the syllabus, programming, task based activities and the teaching and learning of languages. Virginie.


I liked the reason for language learning and what we are trying to achieve with the new syllabus – how it is more authentic. V. McMillan


Very well delivered with clear instruction. All activities were purposeful and helped to clarify my thinking. W. Merriman


Thank you for organising the workshop. The workshop has given me a better understanding of the new syllabus. Thank you so much for sharing the template to write the new program. I feel much better now.


Very relaxed, professional and informative.


Will recommend this to all my language teacher colleagues. Thank you Leanne!!

Enrol now!

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