What would be your ideal professional learning session?

Teachers are expected to differentiate learning according to the needs and interests of individual students, yet when it comes to their own professional learning, teachers are often taught in an outdated fashion, and sometimes about topics that have little application in their specialty teaching area.

Leanne wants to hear from as many language teachers across Australia as possible. Please share this post far and wide with your language teaching friends.

If you could learn anything you like in a professional development session, what would it be?

2 thoughts on “What would be your ideal professional learning session?

  1. For Aboriginal languages a big issue is lack of resources to bring diverse ‘input’. When you have a full time class and teach LOTE on top RFF doesn’t come close to covering the time needed to create effective resources. This a major issue that impacts on always bringing quality content into the room (resource wise) which impacts on what activities you can do in your class.

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