Online content in 15 minutes

The world is flipping for flipping lessons. To be honest, you might think it is a good idea, but is making you flip out a little! You want to create engaging content for your students. You would love for the lower order thinking part of your lessons to be set as a home task, freeing up classroom time for applying and creating. You would love to have lessons online to refer students to if they were absent, need revision, or want to learn something described in a different way. You would hope for the content to be interesting, to challenge and test students’ understanding.

BUT… (And this is a big, naughty use of the word BUT to start a sentence!!!) you don’t have time. Sound familiar?

Online content in a flash

Well, here are my tips for creating an online lesson for your students in 15 minutes:

  1. Set the students the task of finding a video that teaches the new concept.
  2. Ask students to find a quiz that tests their understanding of the new concept.
  3. Have students send you their favourite link.
  4. Watch the videos suggested.
  5. Attempt the suggested quizzes.
  6. If the materials are suitable, put them straight onto a blog page, Moodle lesson or email them to your students.

It does not have to be perfect. It just needs to be there, to stimulate learning and to provide students with support. You can improve the lesson each year you teach it.

Want to see an imperfectly perfect example that has worked for Japanese classes learning about adjectives?


Learn 4 useful adjectives:

How to make the different い adjective forms:


Flashcards showing adjective conjugation:


What’s the present negative form for the following adjectives? (is not…)
What’s the past affirmative forms for the following adjectives?    (was..)

What’s the past negative forms for the following adjectives?   (was not…)

Over to you..

Have you quickly made a successful lesson online? What are your tips? We would love to hear what works for you and your students. Share your lesson in the section below.

Questions? Requests? Just want to share?

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