Teachers start 2013 organised, relaxed and happy

How did last term finish up for you? Were those last weeks a stressed blur of working out grades, report comments, student profiles and trying to remember everything that was covered throughout the year as you completed your register? Just writing about it feels my blood pressure rise!

Happy New Year from consultingleanne.com!

Our greatest wish for your new year – a calm, prepared start to the school year, that will keep you organised throughout the year. Imagine a term 4 where your registers are already complete and you will have all of your grades, student profiles and report comments ready to go.

Teachers get ready for 2013

Teachers get ready for 2013

That’s right, in this workshop you will create:

  • a day book
  • year planner
  • class roll
  • mark book

and learn how to maintain the files throughout the year with time saving tips!

As a school holiday special you can enrol now for the special discounted price of only $169.40.

Workshop cost is usually $220 – a saving of $50.60.

Questions? Requests? Just want to share?

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