Connected classrooms in NSW

Asia Education Foundation (AEF) has released a report on what works to build demand for Asian languages. NSW has successfully stimulated student demand and made language learning possible for students in schools where the language was not previously offered by supporting teachers in delivering languages via video conference and online software sharing. Importantly, it is not just a case of switching on the technology and students will learn! Read more about what made the initiatives successful in the AEF publication: “Connected classrooms” in NSW.

ACARA Australian Curriculum: Languages update

ACARA has released the languages for which Australian Curriculum will be developed by the end of 2013. One language (can you guess which one?) will have all three learner pathways developed (background language learner, first language learner and second language learner). For the other languages listed, only one pathway will be developed by end of 2013 – either a background language learner or second language learner pathway.

Consultation on the draft F-10 curriculum for Chinese and Italian second language learner pathways will occurr from September 2012. Be sure to have your say – the future of language learning in Australia is in your hands.

You can read more at the ACARA website.