online workshop leanne smithLeanne provided new syllabus support, curriculum and technology training and advice for the teaching and learning of languages. This business closed 16 December 2020, however you can still contact Leanne.

Leanne’s relaxed and friendly presentation style makes all feel comfortable and have fun in learning – from the most untech-savvy to those who would like to extend their skills. All training is theory backed, designed to apply technical skills in real classroom situations, ensuring participants know how to use technology in context and for valuable learning opportunities. Contact Leanne for conference presentations, planned or customised workshops and training. Want to know how to embed Japanese perspectives into your curriculum area? Leanne can help you with that too!

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Farewell 2020 and Happy New Year for 2021

What a year it has been! Because of the pandemic, I have been unable to run any face-to-face workshops since March. Then in November NESA deregistered all workshops across the state. It is with a heavy heart that I have reached the decision to close this business. The website will remain for one further year, to enable all previous workshop participants to access materials. Thank you to everyone who ever worked with me these past 8 years. It has been extremely rewarding to work with dedicated teachers across New South Wales, who are giving children the gifts of speaking another language and increased intercultural understanding. I am looking forward to working full-time in the classroom in 2021 and hope that 2021 brings new adventures and rich learning experiences for you all.

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